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Illegibilus: Tristan Prescott by x1shia664x Illegibilus: Tristan Prescott by x1shia664x

For the group :iconillegibilus: I am joining with Sparks-Frost and cherriluu Please ignore my terrible art skills and typos. I tried. I promise I will fix this app later. I mean how does one even draw males?? Haha. /// cries OTL Though I hope to RP with all your cuties soooon, my bby loves to meet new people. I usually prefer Skype or notes. ; v ; <333 

 * Has one piercing on both ears, one is visible on the app. Its silver. ; v ;

Name: Tristan Prescott or Mr. Huffle Huff. Hahaha. ///slap ( Ohh hoo. There is another Tristan in this group, they should meet. > v > )
Age: 16 ( Will turn 17 during the year )
Gender: Male
Height: Barely 183 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Birthday: September 25 LIBRA BBY
Nationality: British ( Has a strong British accent )
House: Hufflepuff The House of Females, except for like 3 guys. Hahaha. //shot
Year: 6th 

Personality: A huge dork. Hahaha. ///slap   ( I will write more later. ///cries )

    -Tristan is everything a Hufflepuff should be. He is friendly, loyal, and fair.He loves meeting new people. He is always nice to everyone he meets, even if they are mean to him. His Golden Rule: “Treat others as you want to be treated.” He is also pretty laid back, it’s hard to really make him mad or sad which might annoy some people since it seems like he only has one emotion. 

    -He's also a little gullible and too accepting of others which is a problem since some people might take advantage of him. I mean he doesn’t really mind as much if it’s minor, but as soon as somebody does not break his trust or goes behind his back, he will lose all trust with them and probably never trust them again.

    -He is also hardworking, especially in his studies. He loves learning new things whether it be about magic or the muggle world. Though during his first couple years of Hogwarts, he used to procrastinate all the time. But this year, he is slowly getting better at not doing that -  now studies and does his work a head of time. Though he isn't perfect, he does get distracted when he works if people talk. He just loves meeting new people. Despite all of that, he does get excellent grades, but he never brags about them.

    -He is also known to be indecisive, overall he doesn't like making decisions or being the leader of something. He rather be the team player and let somebody else take the leadership role, but if times the time comes when he needs to take charge, he will have no problem stepping up to the part.

    -Tristan does have a problem with flirting with pretty girls. Sadly, he thinks every girl is pretty. Hahaha. ///slapp. It’s not like he means to flirt, it just comes to him naturally. He just loves everything about romance. So prepare for a shower of compliments, playful teases, or a bunch of cheesy lines from him if you're a girl. ; v ; 

    -Tristan is also very secretive about his life. Every time somebody asks him about his family or anything personal, he quickly changes the subject. It’s not like he doesn’t trust people, he just doesn’t feel comfortable talking about personal things. Unfortunately, this could be extremely frustrating if you want to have a serious conversation with him. 

    -In general, Tristan tends to avoid conflicts or violence since he likes to live in harmony with everybody. But if someone breaks this balance and causing conflict with his friends, he won't hesitate to end it.


Tristan was born in England on September 25. He was raised by his mother, Katherine Prescott, and father, William Prescott in an cozy apartment in the muggle world ( Along with his sister, Rebecca Prescott, of course. ). Before Tristan was born, both his parents and sister lived in the wizarding world in beautiful home in the countryside, but moved to the muggle world when Tristan was born. His mother loved the muggle world and studied muggle culture ever since she graduated Hogwarts. To better understand the muggle lifestyle, she made the whole family move. Enough Mr. Prescott was not fond of muggles, he didn't hesitant to move when his wife asked since he wanted to support her studies. So they spent the next 10 years in England as one big happy family. Overall, Tristan had a pretty good childhood. His parent showered him with love and support, teaching him everything about the muggle world and wizarding world. (( During this time, Rebecca was studying at Hogwarts. ))


Sadly, this happiness didn't last. His mother was then diagnosed with a terminal disease and soon passed away when Tristan turned 10. It was a hard year for everybody, but Mr. Prescott took her death the hardest. He soon became distant to everybody, even to his family. Everything reminded him of Katherine and he just couldn’t take it. So he left his family and moved back in their old home to recover in isolation. Rebecca at the time was 20 when she moved back to England with Tristan. Since Mr. Prescott left, she decided to take over the role as Tristan's parent. Surprisingly, Tristan took his mother's death and father's disappearance quite well. Though nobody really knows for sure since he never talks about it which worries his sister. They both lived together in that apartment for a year until Tristan got accepted into the Hogwarts. 


When he turned eleven, Tristan received his letter from Hogwarts. Fortunately, his mother had money saved especially for Tristan's books, wand, and robes for school. So he didn't have to bother his father for money. After receiving his letter, his sister took him shopping for all his supplies. Before officially leaving for Hogwarts, his sister gave him a special surprise - his mother's scarf. Tristan gladly accepted this gift and he wears constantly. (( He is quite attached to it, but he doesn't tell people why. )) Upon arriving to Hogwarts, Tristan started meeting new people and even joined the Quidditch team. Each year has been enjoyable, but he does miss his sister. 


Every summer, he goes back to England and stays with his sister. Ever since his mother's death, Rebecca and him have become super close. Sadly, his father doesn't visit them, he only sends an occasionally letter here and there. Unfortunately, Tristan believes his father doesn’t love him since he hasn’t seen him since his mother’s death. So he tries his best in school to make his father proud of him and hopes he would visit him one day. Though at the same time, the thought of seeing his father makes him feel a bit uneasy...

Family: ( All pure bloods )

- William Prescott: Father - 50 (Past Ravenclaw Alumni) - Works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

- Katherine Prescott: Mother - Deceased (Past Hufflepuff Alumni)

- Rebecca Prescott: Sister 25 (Past Hufflepuff Alumni) - Studies the Muggle World like her mother

Likes & Dislikes:

+ THE SUN. Bacially loves Sunny days and being warm

+ The Muggle World ( Due to his mother and sister's fascination with it )

+ Annabelle ( His ferret, she is his princess. Haha. ///slapp )

+ His Sister ( He looks up to her )

+ Watching / Playing Quidditch ( Him and his sister are hard core fans. Haha. )

+ Magic ( Casting spells, etc. ) 

+ Naps ( He tends to take naps after a long day of classes or practice, You might even see him dozing off when he studies. )

+ Food - Especially Sweets ( I mean, who doesn't love food?? ) 

+ Studying ( Surprisingly, he really enjoys learning new things. )

+ Girls Girls Girls. All the Pretty Girls

+ / - His Father ( Kinda Love Hate deal. Its a Complicated Relationship )


- Being Alone ( He usually needs to have somebody with him whether it be Annabelle or a fellow student. He is a social one, he gets pretty lonely. )

- Betrayal ( Trust is a big thing for him )

- Dishonestly 

- Cooking ( He is just plain awful at it. )

- Spiders ( They creep him out )

- People making a big fuss about blood purity

- The Moving Staircase ( It sometimes makes him late to class )

- Jellybeans ( Always seems to have bad luck with them - all the terrible flavors )

- Cold Weather ( He thinks snow is pretty, but he just loves the warmth too much )

- Cheaters ( Just be fair, there is no need to cheat. )

- Exams ( He likes studying, but exams can be a bit stressful )

Elective Classes:

1. Apparition 

2. Study of Ancient Ruins 

3. Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
1. Quidditch - Keeper

2. Ancient Studies 


1. Episkey!

     - Heals minor injuries

2. Transtuli Alius! 

     - Transform non-living things into something else.

3. Expelliarmus!

    - Used to disarm another wizard, typically by causing the victim's wand to fly out of reach 

4. Protego!

     - Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes

5. Stupefy!

    - Renders a victim unconscious and halts moving objects

6. Accio!

     - A Summoning Charm

Wand Ingredients: ( Its a simple wand, but he loves it. ; v ; )
Core: Unicorn Hair 
Length: 11 in
Wood: Redwood
Flexibility: Hard

Pet (Optional) 
Name: Annabelle or Princess
Species: Ferret
Gender: Female
Personality: Loyal / Protective ( of Tristan ) / Easily Jealous / Loving ( Only to Certain People )

Annabelle is a extremely loving and protective when it comes to Tristan. She is always seen cuddling next to him or even resting on his shoulders. No matter where he goes, she follows. ( Except when he is in class or practicing Quidditch ) So if you see Annabelle, Tristan is probably close by. Though when Tristan brings Annabelle to social gatherings, she tends to be a bit possessive or over protective. Usually in this situation, she will ignore you since she doesn't really like to be around people. Though as soon as Tristan starts focusing too much on somebody, she immediately jumps in and becomes extremely affectionate towards Tristan to grab his attention. If you want to get on her good side, shower her with love and pats. She loves it. You just have to get close enough to do that. Hahaha. Annabelle does not like creatures she is unfamiliar with. Sai's bat. I am so sorry. OTL


- He looked like a girl growing up, he gets embarrassed when people look at his baby pictures.

- He looks similar to his mother - same eye color and hair color.

- He plays the piano as a hobby.

Relationships I will update them later with more details. I just needed a list of people Tristan has met. OTL

- Amy Deasmhumhain: I met Ms. Gryffindor in the hall when we were running late to class. She called me "Huffle Huff", I like it. I think I am going to keep that nickname. She is also pretty cute when she is embarrassed, I like her. U//v//U

Jennifer Adelaide Simms: This little girl was the first year one student I have ever met. She was very polite and extremely cute. I am going to help her with her studies, hopefully I can help her out.  U v U <333  

Emerson Powell: THIS GUY WAS THE FIRST HUFFLE PUFF MALE I HAVE EVER MET. We met at the library when he saw me studying. Emery seems really nice and chill. I hope we can become great friends. O v O bb

- Hanna Edeson: I met this girl in the kitchen when she was baking sweets. Ms. Hana is plain adorable who has a beautiful singing voice and can make an amazing batch of cupcakes! I like her a lot, I hope we can become great friends. // v  

Briony-Lin Teague: I met Ms. Briony in the hall when she saw my ferret. She has an elegant aura about her, but she is extremely quiet and rarely expresses any emotion. Sadly, I think she likes my ferret more than me. OTL 

Dimitri Leshchyov: Dimitri was my partner in my Care of Magical Creatures. He seems cool, I hope we can be friends and partners for a long time. 

- Sai Valentine: I met this lovely girl on the Quidditch field and she explained the team practices. Sai is my beautiful captain who is an extremely talented seeker. She can be a bit silly at times, but I think it's adorable. I like her. I hope we will become great friends in the near future. ;//v//;

Arisu Ashworth: I met this sweetie at the Hufflepuff common room. She found me asleep on the couch and she started to play with my hair. I thought it was pretty cute. // v

Mei-Lin Cheng: I met this beauty at the library. 

- Xavier Veneti: I met this guy in hall when he lost his textbook. I don't know him very well, but I hope we can become friends, I need more guy friends. OTL 

Ein Schutzhauer: I met this adorable girl in the Hufflepuff common room when a couple of students played a joke. She tried to help clean up the mess, but tripped. She is really cute. // v  

Catherine Featherstone: I met this girl at the library when she played a joke on me. I will get her next time. > v >  

- Keira Flanagan: I met her in Hogsmeade at the store Honeyworks. She bought a lot of sweets.

Avery Wyvernjack: I met this little redhead in the Hufflepuff common room...she was looking for an adventure??  

Zia Pendleton: I met this cutie in the Hufflepuff common room, sadly, she was not feeling well when I met her. So she acted cold against me, but I took care of her for awhile. Hopefully she gets better, I hate seeing adorable girls being sick. I hope we can become friends. ;//v//;  

Ohmygosh, Sparks. I finally submitted my app. Haha. Be proud. Hahaha. ; v ;


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